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UK’s leading Zhao Bao Tai Chi School

Zhao Bao Tai Chi in London

Training is centered around
the practice of Tao Lu

Master Yazi Liu



Tai Chi is an effective exercise for health of mind and body.  It provides cardio-vascular fitness or stamina, muscular strength, and flexibility besides improving your posture.


Tai chi is an aerobic mind-body exercise that can be described as moving meditation – is the ultimate mindfulness workout.


With a firm foundation, mastering the technique, fa jin, and harnessing your qi, Master Yazi Liu will guide you through martial applications.


Tai Chi

Tai Ji (Tai chi)  太极 is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training as well as it’s health benefits.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong 气功, literary “Life energy cultivation”, is practised for its meditative healing qualities and especially for it’s martial application in Zhao Bao Taiji.

San Da for Children

San da 散打, a form of Chinese Boxing similar to Thai Boxing but with holds and throws.

What they say about us

After learning Tai Chi in China, I didn’t think I would be able to find a high quality Taichi Master in London. But luckily I found The Azi school of Taiji run by Master Liu.

Master Liu is an Exceptionally skilled and generous Tai Chi Master. He teaches Zhaobao style taijiquan, which is one of the earliest existent unadulterated forms of Taichi and it rare to find a teacher of this style in the West.

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Sandy T

I have been learning Tai Chi since 1998, and during that time, I have met many teachers from around the UK and China.  I started training with Master Liu in 2014, and in my opinion, his knowledge and ability in the art is of the highest level. I expect most Tai Chi teachers to be able to teach and explain the Art, however, it is much rarer to find a teacher than can explain its intricacies and nuances. It is rarer still to find a teacher who can not only talk about them, but who can also demonstrate them.  Master Liu is one of those rare teachers.

Michael C

I learned more in the first 10 months with Master Yazi Liu than I have learnt in decades with other teachers.

Taiji Kung Fu teachers of Master Liu’s standard are extremely scarce, even in China, so to have someone like him teaching in London is remarkable good fortune.

The classes are small and friendly, the students help and support each other, and Master Liu always ensures that every student gets some one to one time with him.

Tim D


Michael C

I count it as a great fortune to have met Master Yazi. He is both excellent as a teacher of tai chi chuen and as a practitioner of the martial art. Classes are always good humoured, skillful and highly motivating, with crystal clear instruction and demonstration of the key principles of the art. Brilliant all round!

William W


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Azi School of Taiji

3 Holmes Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 3AA
Email: azischooloftaiji@gmail.com

07846 610760 (English/英文) or
07818 158886 (中文/Chinese)

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