An exciting day for Azi School of Taiji as Master Liu was invited to be part of the One and Only Martial Arts Show with China’s Wu Shu World Champions.

The event was sponsored by Anglo Chinese Education Foundation, and is part of the celebrations for the 45th anniversary of Anglo-Chinese relations. The event was organised by Shifu HengLong of the Heng Long Kung Fu Club  and the British Martial Arts Association who invited Master Liu to give a demonstration of Zhao Bao Taiji at the event. It was a day of high spirits and high energy as the UK representatives were keen to impress the Chinese delegates, the World Champions of Wu Shu.

Patience was one of those qualities that was required, especially well represented by the youngest of performers who sat waiting for their turn to show everyone their skills.

We had demonstrations from Shifu Browne and his students from Shaolin Daolu showing their physical and flexible ability in a highly intense choreography, this followed by a demonstration of Chen style taiji from Taiji Circle under the watchful eye of Sifu Liu QuanJun.

Of course we were waiting for Master Liu’s turn to demonstrate Zhao Bao Taiji Form – not only did he stand out in his demonstration as a sole performer, but for those new to Zhao Bao Taiji, the form incorporates fa jin which is rarely seen as clearly in the form compared to other taiji styles.

The stars of the day were of course the Chinese delegate – China’s Wu Shu World Champions. They showed us their skills, some with sabres, narrow sword, fan and of course their physical prowess – leaping, kicking, jumping, spirals, and, extremely low stances! Fluidity and speed all mixed into one. This of course increasing our determination to do better in class, and to practice (even) more!

Practice yes, so foregoing the workshop with the champions, we returned to Kentish Town, Camden for Saturday’s taiji class for more training which after the morning’s demonstration, was even more enthusiastic than usual! Not before of course going for a little something to eat… we do of course count nutrition as an important part of our training (high protein & low carb diet… chicken & chips!).

And of course we couldn’t leave without the usual selfies with the champions!