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Internal Martial Arts

Internal Martial Arts Taìjíquán, literally ‘Grand Pole Boxing’ is currently by far the most popular internal martial art, though in general perception it is rather more for health and well-being than fighting or self-defence. Indeed, health is a pre-condition for any form of combat. Yet self-defence is an art that by definition is non-aggressive. It is designed to favour the weak and old against assailants with superior force. From this starting point, taìjíquán aims first to nourish the physical pre-conditions…

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Martial Arts Show 2017 | Azi School of Taiji

Martial Arts (Wu Shu) Show

Firstly, welcome to our new website! We are fortunate to have the contribution of many of our students in  creating and maintaining our new site. Please check back regularly for their insights: from “what is the best martial arts” to “what are the best shoes to train in” or even “what type of teas to drink depending on the seasons”. Secondly, we would like to bring your attention to the British & Chinese Elite International WuShu Show. This event is on…

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