Taiji and the London Commuter

Taiji and the London Commuter Rush hour in London, the crammed tube journey so many of us face day after day. Struggling through the crowd, only to find yourself smack in the middle of the carriage with nothing to hang onto other than some other tired commuter in a suit. Unless you’re tall enough to be able to reach over everybody’s heads to reach that elusive bar, you’d better force your way through to one that you can reach or…

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Taiji for Health & Posture

  Taiji for Health & Posture The following story is from one of our students who has found great success in learning Zhao Bao Taiji Chuan with Master Yazi Liu.  This is his own experience which we hope you will find interesting.   Master Liu’s Taiji has had a massive positive effect on my posture and coordination. As a child, I was diagnosed with & flat feet. Despite the comic title, this is an extremely debilitating condition in which the…

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